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Total Induction Offers dyno tuning in our South Windsor, Ct. facility for both front and rear drive vehicles foreign and domestic.

Our Dyno Jet 248 will accommodate up to 1500whp and 200 mph. Large radiator and intercooler fans ensure street like simulations while keeping underhood temperatures at manageable rates.

Naturally aspirated, Turbocharged, supercharged, and nitrous injection. All induction combinations can be successfully mastered and fine tuned for maximum power output and total drivability.

Dial in fuel, timing, transmission shifting, idle control, speed limiters etc. We have control of over 1000 different parameters from 1988-up gas cars and trucks. Need a custom tune for a blower car, better fuel milage, or to get your diesel running like it should with all those parts you added on? The results of custom tuning, fabrication, and induction enhancements by Total Induction will astound you.


EFI calibrations are done using most common fuel injection systems on the market today including:

SCT   (Ford, Lincoln, Mercury)

HP Tuners  (Gm vehicles)

Big Stuff 3

Holley Commander 950





Performance Tuning
Dyno Rates & What You Get!
Baseline Dyno Computer (PCM) Tuning Carburatted Dyno Tuning Group Events Rent Dyno
Incl AFR
$350.00 & Up
Hardware Not Included
$475.00 + Parts $ Call For Rates $150.00 / hr
One Car EEC4 & 5 Some GM Carbureted Cars 10 Cars & Over Up To 2 Cars
Three Runs Get The Most From You Late Model Car We've Gained Up To 105.2 HP Lunch Included
$10.00 Extra For Spectators
2 Hour Minimum
Graphs Included Mapping Of Fuel, Spark, & Trans For Optimal Performance Before & After Graphs 3 Runs With Air/Fuel Ratio Graphing Includes Dyno Operator & Graph Interpretation
Special Equipment Additional
Find Out What You Have Get Back What You're Missing Get Back What You're Missing Good Fun With Friends Race Teams & Manufactures

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