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In testing and competition for 2 years, this hand made battery system has proven itself race after race in many Pro Nitrous and Top Sportsman cars.

Deal directly with the designer, manufacturer, tester, and owner. I am at every ADRL national event and am able to be reached 7 days a week by cell phone.

Unlike many other lightweight batteries, these units are only offered in one flavor....Massive cold cranking power, longest reserve time of any unit presently manufactured, fit perfectly into a standard group 24 battery case and tested by yours truly in Charles Carpenter's iconic 55 Chevy at every round of racing since the new car was brought out in 2008. We have built and tested 6.5 lb units which worked fine, but after much feedback from testing ourselves and from input from other competitors, we decided that the extra weight is well worth the performance and reliability cushion afforded to us by the larger cell pack and it's internal thermally superior cell arrangement.

Only 1/2 the magic however lies in the battery itself. It a joint effort with Interacter Inc, we have severly over-developed the very best "Smart Charger" design which recharges the battery in approximately 15-20 minutes when used as directed in between every round of racing. When you pick up the charger unit which is entirely made in the USA, you will know what a brute you have on your hands. Only the finest quality parts and components go into each and every hand tested and adjusted units custom made for Total Induction and our customers.

This "Smart Charging" process checks the voltage of the cell pack before charging to insure that the unit is safe and ready to be charged. If at that point the charger sees a low voltage condition, it automatically reduces input charge current to a predetermined level and does periodic check to maintain a safe rate of charge.

Also available and highly recommended is our low voltage alarm system which is to be installed into the rear tail section of the vehicle and wired to battery ground and the vehicle side of the main on - off switch.  When initially powered up, the alarm will emit a quick two beep sequence to let you know the battery is within tollerance and ready to be used.

If the cell pack sees a preset low voltage condition for a predetermined amount of time (like if someone forgets the  water pump is running or leaves an ignition switch on), the alarm system lets of a constant, annoying, and very loud high pitched beeping to alert the errant user that he (or she) is about to flush many hard earned Benjamins right down the toilet. At this point, just hook up to the charger and let the automatic safe charge mode take over and clean up your mess.

Join the pro already using the ultimate lightweight, reliable, and powerful unit available.

Charles Carpenter
Dennis Radford
Billy Harper
Roger Brogdon/ Cagnazzi Racing
Steve Vick
Frank Tamez
Greg Godwin
Tom & Rebecca Myers
Rod Pierce
Randy Walker
Bob Harris
Paul Woods
Paul Major
Rick Moore
Earl Folse
Gary Soulages
Tony Gomes
Tim Henry
And many more very satisfied customers.

Pricing is as follows

Battery  $1500

Charger  $400

Low voltage alarm system  $125   ALL PRICES PLUS SHIPPING


Buy complete system as a package and save $100!!!

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