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Remote Car Starters
Installing REMOTE CAR STARTERS since 1988
"Paul has the experience to get the job done right."

No one but the owner touches any automobile here. A degree in Electrical engineering, two decades of hands on in the shop and a passion for automotive excellence lend to a perfect blend and ensure that all customer expectations are met and exceeded.

From sales to finished product to future service, you need only deal with one man.

Whether it's your wife, mother, father, son or daughter, everyone will be treated fairly, respectfully, and professionaly.

Many automotive shop owners in the cental CT. area trust their own vehicles and their customer referals to Auto Alarms Etc. LLC.

Please call for an exact quote on your vehicle
Have the year, make, model, and security options on hand to ensure an accurate quote.

The truth about remote car starters:

We have all heard of remote starters selling for $149.95 at many superstores and install shops.

Why then when you call Auto Alarms Etc.,LLC are the prices so much higher???

Well, actually they are not. I am just an experienced professional who knows what each automobile really needs to be done properly and gives you the real deal up front.

No bait and switch, no lost leaders, no back yard wire jockey smashing into the electrical system of your $40,000 SUV or car. Many of todays late model vehicles have high tech electronics systems on board which require interface module to be purchased and installed along with the remote starter system.

Some interface with the OEM security system, some with the door locks and trunk release, and some with the factory transponder system which is so popular in most of today's models of automobiles. A transponder ignition key is a small chip embedded into the head(or grip) of your ignition key. You can't see it, but your car's ignition cylinder has an antenna ring built into it designed to do just that. Read the key and make sure that no one is trying to steal your car by hot-wiring it or jamming a screwdriver into the key slot.

When installing a starter system, the factory computer needs to be satisfied with the correct key code or the car won't start up. This requires an interface module and sometimes a spare key to be inserted into the module so that it could be called upon during the remote start process.

As you could well imagine, this process is for the experienced only and the proper parts must be used to maintain complete and seamless integration into today's most sophisticated automotive electronic systems.

Please call for an exact quote on your vehicle
Have the year, make, model, and security options on hand to ensure an accurate quote.

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